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I SAID YES – My First Brand Partnership: Revolution Race.

Kate smiling and sitting on a wall with the coast of Hayle in the background.
Rain droplets on Kate's pink Revolution Race jacket.
Kate walking through Hayle Towens sand dunes.

Coastal Walk/Photoshoot

Gwithian to Hayle Towans

Strong South Westerly

Heavy Showers and Sunshine

This is big for me because a relevant brand finally slipped into my DM’s. And by relevant I mean specialist outdoor clothing brand Revolution Race – my IG page is mostly about going outdoors. Go figure. Here’s a short account of my experience with my first ever IG collaboration.

Why do I say no to most brands?

I get asked roughly 2-6 times a month to promote stuff on my @katetocoast Instagram account. But it’s all things that aren’t relevant to me or my audience. For example, teeth whitening products, make-up, bracelets from Hawaii or tee-shirts from a random Canadian brand. In 3 points I  say no if:

  1. It’s not relevant to my little community on Instagram.
  2. I don’t need or want the products.
  3. The product is being sent halfway across the world for me to ‘try’ – hello being conscious of my own carbon footprint.

My clothing choices.

There were LOTS to choose from. I got sent a link and I was a bit overwhelmed with the variety and colour choice. I thought people only got sent a small selection to choose from – if they had a choice at all!

Elina from the Revolution Race Influencer team said I wasn’t restricted by any budget either – WHAT – I just needed to choose a top and bottoms and one of them needed to be colourful. Simple enough brief – So I picked 2 items that my outdoor wardrobe was missing.


The 2021 Christmas day waterproof test.

One of the main reasons I collaborated with Revolution Race was to own a proper waterproof coat. I LOVE walking and being out in the rain – it makes me feel alive. Which is why on Christmas day when the rain was coming down hard and non-stop … it actually felt like Christmas because I could finally put my coat through a true test.

I will say that the rest of my family and a family friend were a bit apprehensive in getting absolutely drenched  but appeased me anyway.

We walked round the South Wood circular of Trelissick Gardens and boy did the heavens open. The walk was roughly an hour and by the end of it we were all cold, wet through and ready for a glass of wine.

Unfortunately, the jacket didn’t keep out all the water and I had a big wet patch by the front were the front zip is. But the rest of me was more or less dry. Revolution race have a 4/5 waterproof rating of this jacket and I say it performed quite well given the torrential downpour.

So I would say great jacket for short showers and light rain but if you are hiking continuously in wet conditions it probably wont keep you dry unless you reinforce with a waterproof solution.

The slight Scandinavian sizing issue.

I am a mid-sized shorty at 5 ft with a 12/14 waist size (depending on the brand lol). Unfortunately, the Revolution race sizings get ‘longer’ in the legs as the waist size increases. I got this from reading their garment reviews initially – very helpful. So I opted for the leggings I could easily roll up at the ankle. However I would have loved to get my hands on the colourful hiking trouser range.

It very much feels like the sizings are for average/tall slender people – how I picture Scandinavian folk! So if you fit that description you won’t have a problem with the sizing. It’s because of this I will only be able to buy their ‘top’ selection in the future.

What’s the catch?

Elina sent me an email about the expectations from me in exchange for my two free items. In short it was 1 post and 1 story on two different specific dates. There was a 2 page document of terms and conditions. The mains points were:

  • Not working with any other competitive brands alongside the  campaign.
  • Follow photo guidelines when creating content.
  •  Promote discount codes.
  • Use company hashtags.

I didn’t get paid any money for this. I didn’t ask for any either. In my head it was a pretty sweet deal. The only concern I had was that my followers would think I was selling my soul for capitalism. I will be careful with doing things for ‘free’ though – but that conversation is for another article.


What is Recco Technology?

My new coat has something called RECCO technology. I had no idea what it was before this collaboration. It is a detection technology for rescuing people outdoors, from a lost hiker to snowboarders. Here is an explanation snippet:

  1. The RECCO detector emits a directional radar signal, like the beam of a flashlight.
  2. When the radar signal hits the RECCO reflector, it is echoed back to the detector and points the rescuer in the direction of the victim.
  3. The closer the detector gets to the reflector the stronger the returned-signal, ultimately allowing the rescuer to pinpoint the victim’s location.

Pretty cool in my opinion – lots of outdoor brands have it on certain items like coats, snow boots, bags and trousers. Just look out for the red RECCO label.

Why do I like Revolution Race as a Brand?

As a marketing and brand geek I think these guys and gals do a genuinely great job with their brand and product:

  • A comprehensive ‘about us’ section on their website. This genuinely fills me with happiness. A brand that takes the time to explain who they are is a mega bonus for me.
  • They only sell their outdoor clothes on their website, directly to their customers. You won’t find them in generic stores like Cotsworld or Mountain Warehouse.
  • Customer feedback focused. They create and improve their clothing range based on customer feedback. I believe they will be adjusting their sizing soon – fingers crossed!
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