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10K Guided Nature & History Walks in Cornwall


Walking in Cornwall and immersing yourself in the outdoors and nature is a tonic for the body, mind and spirit. Be it on a nature connection focussed wellness walk or a 10K guided nature and history adventure. Get outside and explore Cornwall with us.

10K Guided Nature & History Walks in Cornwall

Choose where you want to explore and book a walking adventure.
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Employee & Staff Nature Wellness Walks

Learn how to harness nature as a wellness tool with a qualified facilitator.

Personal Guide & Qualified Walk Leader Planner

We can organise and lead custom walks in Cornwall based on your needs.

Discover more of Cornwall on foot.

You can explore more by walking  Cornwall’s coast and footpaths. From the towering Cornish cliffs to the tumbling valley streams. Did you know Cornwall is home to a total of:

  • 304.7 miles of coastal path
  • 2,631 miles of footpaths & bridleways
  • 422 beaches & coves

With plenty of seascapes, woodlands, coves, headland, hills, villages and cliffs to walk, there is so much to explore. And to keep you on your toes, every season, wind and tide brings with it nature’s change creating endless inspiration & stories to tell when walking in Cornwall.

Move your Body & Connect with Nature.

Cornish Explorers has one goal: to get people moving outside and connecting with Cornwall and her bountiful natural spaces.

Walking is often an underrated form of movement. But it is a great way get your body and mind moving through new terrain and scenery with every step forward.

Nature and green and blue spaces can be relaxing, revitalising and rejuvenating making them a handy wellness tool. Learn how to practice connecting with nature from a qualified Nature and Health Facilitator to enhance your ability to utilise nature for yourself-wellness toolbox.

When you pair up mindful nature connection and walking you have a powerful combination to help your wellness practices.

Why walk with Cornish Explorers?

We are THE Cornwall walking fan club and our passion runs on the strong desire to share every landscape, story and footpath with all who will listen.

On top of this we care about giving you an unforgettable and enriching experience on Cornish coast. 

With qualifications like Mountain Association Lowland Walk Leader, outdoor first aid and a certified health and nature facilitator, Kate brings extensive knowledge to each walking adventure, fostering connections with the natural world and promoting well-being among participants.

We aim to leave you feeling revitalised, full of knowledge and feeling connected to Cornwall and to nature itself.

Walking Cornwall with Cornish Explorers FAQ's

When it comes to outdoor activities and walking in Cornwall there can be many questions. We have answered the whats whens wheres whos whys and hows but please don’t hesitate to contact us for any other questions.

How long do the guided nature and history walks take?

A: ~ 5 hours or less

The average walk is 10k and calculating an easy pace of 25 mins per km with a lunch/swim break you have a good day out walking on the path. There will be regular natural breaks throughout. You will have time to appreciate the landscape, listen to your guide and stop when you notice some wildlife or want some water.

What is included in the personal guide & qualified walk leader package?

A: A fully planned walk for you anywhere in Cornwall.

First, we have a chat about where you want to walk in Cornwall and collect some information based on your group and the experience you want. For example if you wanted a more nature focused slow-paced walk or a long distance-focused circular route. Cornish Explorers will deliver a unique route based on your criteria.

Are you insured and qualified to take people walking in Cornwall?

A: 100%

Cornish Explorers have business insurance  public liability up to 5M. On top of years of practical experience walking the coast path, your guide holds an Outdoor First Aid certificate and Mountain Association: Lowland Walk Leader Qualification. Furthermore, your guide is a practicing and qualified Nature and Health Facilitator.