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Our 10K Guided Nature & History Walks in Cornwall


Our circular walks in Cornwall take you on a proper outdoor Cornish adventure. Choose between a range of walks from the cascading slate waterfalls of the North to the dramatic granite cliffs of the West. Discover the raw natural beauty of Cornish landscapes with a passionate and qualified local guide. Keep your senses alert for wildlife in their habitats and listen to stories of Cornish history and folklore on the way. Get outside in nature and book your next walk in Cornwall with Cornish Explorers.

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Guided 10K Circular Walks in Cornwall.

Do you love circular walks in Cornwall? Our guided walks journey you through the hidden footpaths of the Cornish countryside and the well-trodden south west coast path.

Each walk has a distance of ~10k (just over 6 miles), some include an optional sea swim and they all explore a distinct part of Cornwall.

Where do you want to walk in Cornwall first?!

Embrace Cornwall's Wild Nature & Discover Local Tales.

Connect with Cornwall & connect with nature. Follow in the footsteps of your guide, Kate. A local nature enthusiast, Cornish story nerd and sea dipper with many outdoor adventures under her boots.

Kate is a qualified Lowland Walk Leader with the Mountain Association and outdoor first aider. By adventuring and walking with Cornish Explorers you are in safe, experienced hands.

Book your next nature and history walk in Cornwall with Kate.

Explore the Best Walks in Cornwall.

Let’s be honest, any and all walks in Cornwall are pretty special, it’s just that kind of place! What makes our Cornish Explorer walks the best? 

Our range of nature and history walks showcase Cornwall’s most iconic landscapes and introduce you to the rich stories and wildlife of the local areas. This paired with an enthusiastic and passionate guide, we aim to leave you feeling revitalised, full of knowledge and feeling connected to Cornwall and to nature itself.

Book your next walking adventure in your favourite part of Cornwall or discover somewhere new – there is so much to explore in the great Cornish outdoors! 

Walking Cornwall with Cornish Explorers FAQ's

When it comes to outdoor activities and walking in Cornwall there can be many questions. We have answered the whats whens wheres whos whys and hows but please don’t hesitate to contact us for any other questions.

How long do the walks take?

A: ~ 5 hours or less

The average walk is 10k and calculating an easy pace of 25 mins per km with a lunch/swim break you have a good day out walking on the path. There will be regular natural breaks throughout. You will have time to appreciate the landscape, listen to your guide and stop when you notice some wildlife or want some water.

How hard & hilly are the walks?

A: It varies between 180m and 500m of elevation.

The Cornish landscape has lots of coastal valleys and hills. Each of our walks in Cornwall has a different ‘total elevation gain’ – this is the overall height you will climb on a walk. On each walk profile you can see the elevation chart and the total elevation. This will give you an idea of how challenging a walk will be for you.

Do the walks go ahead if it rains?

A: Simply, yes they do. 

Walking in Cornwall when it’s cloudy, windy or raining can be exhilarating, atmospheric & wildly beautiful. Cornish weather changes at the drop of a hat but your guide is there to keep you prepared, sheltered and safe. There will be times that the walks get cancelled due to unsafe walking conditions, however you will be told.